Professional Photovoltaic Systems 2024

We specialize in providing eco-friendly energy solutions.

We help select and install solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, energy storage systems, heat pumps, and fast-charging stations from the best manufacturers and brands.

We offer comprehensive service for the implementation of renewable energy installations, from a free audit, through selection of the installation, funding, and connection to the national power grid.

We have already installed over 1000 eco-friendly energy systems in Poland and Europe.

Technical Partners

At IQSolar, we collaborate only with the best equipment and component manufacturers, such as Selfa, Huawei, Dyness, SolarEdge, Fronius, Sofar, Garo, and Soluna, to provide you with innovative eco-friendly energy solutions that drive the future.

Photovoltaic systems from the best manufacturers

We use only components from renowned and trusted manufacturers such as Selfa, Huawei, and Garo. This allows us to offer you the highest quality and most reliable solutions.

By collaborating with industry leaders, we ensure that the devices we install feature innovative technology, high efficiency, and safety. Using products from renowned companies minimizes the risk of malfunctions and provides quick and professional service assistance.

By choosing proven components, we invest in the peace of mind and satisfaction of our customers. We want your PV installation to work flawlessly for years, making the use of solar energy a pleasure. That’s why we select only the best components and are confident in their high quality.

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Photovoltaic systems from our platinum partner Selfa GE
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How does a photovoltaic system pay for itself?

Solar Energy Storage Systems

Solar energy storage systems, also known as photovoltaic energy storage systems, are devices that store excess electricity generated by a photovoltaic installation.

These are high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that allow the storage of generated energy for use on cloudy days or at night. Additionally, they protect the electrical installation from short circuits or power grid overloads and provide power in case of an outage.

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Solar panels with energy storage can reduce your electricity bill by up to 90%

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Installing a solar energy storage system combined with photovoltaics is a smart investment that not only brings significant savings but also benefits the environment and ensures energy independence.

Thanks to solar energy storage systems, you can drastically reduce your monthly electricity bills by up to 90%.

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Heat Pumps - The Best Option for Temperature Regulation

We have completed over 1000 installations


We have installed tens of thousands of them. We know as much about photovoltaics as few others do.

Storage Systems

We design and build the highest quality energy storage systems for customers across Europe.


We offer installation of modern fast-charging stations for electric vehicles and devices.


We also offer comprehensive service for the installation of heat pump systems as a cheaper eco-friendly alternative for temperature regulation.

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